Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening

by | Jun 14, 2016

Always wanted that whiter, brighter smile? Tried the over-the- counter products and didn’t get the results you were hoping for, or worse, ended up with sensitive teeth because of these products? Well, we have the solution for you- Zoom Whitening! Zoom is our new in-office system that will get you 6 or more shades lighter in about an hour. We have been looking for a system to replace our Britesmile system, and after trying some, and being disappointed in the results, we found the Zoom system gives as good, if not better results, than the Britesmile system did!

The Zoom system uses a gel that is applied to the teeth that is then activated by a LED light. We usually do 3-15 minute cycles and we are seeing fantastic results! So, in about an hour, you can have that whiter brighter smile you have been dreaming of! There is a take home system if you don’t want to do the in-office treatment. The gel used is a longer acting gel, meant to stay on the teeth longer, but still provides excellent whitening over the course of 3-5 days. In fact, you will whiten the same amount regardless of which way you choose to do. The advantage of the in-office is it is a 1 visit, 1 hour procedure, no follow-ups. The advantage of the take home is you can do as much or as little as you want- this system works great for people who have whitened in the past, but didn’t maintain the upkeep. We will provide touch-up for you take after your session to help you maintain the whiteness and brightness for many years. The touch up is used every 6-8 weeks to maintain the outcome for you.

Now, for those who are concerned, or know you have sensitive teeth, we have you covered also! We now have a way to desensitize you prior to your Zoom session so we can minimize your discomfort during and immediately after the procedure. We have a toothpaste that we will have you use for 2 weeks prior to your whitening session. This will desensitize the teeth, allowing us and you to complete the procedure with minimal sensitivity! We have found that this works very well and allows us to be able to whiten people that we wouldn’t have been able to before.

Zoom Whitening is new to our office, so we are running introductory specials. The in-office system is regularly $350, we are offering for $250, the take home system, regularly $275, is now $200. This is a limited time offer, so don’t delay. Call our office at 978-343-4031 to schedule a consultation and your Zoom Whitening session!

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