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Do you know that along with cleaning your teeth and checking for cavities, there are a number of other things that we check? These include:
  • Oral Cancer
  • Gum Health
  • Bite Changes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Signs of Other Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Sleep Apnea/Snoring
  • Whitening
As we approach the summer and wedding season, we are pleased to announce that beginning in mid-May, we will be offering the ZOOM Whitening System! We have been searching for a replacement for our Britesmile system and have found that the Zoom system gives as good, if not better results!! Zoom is a one hour in-office whitening system that produces from 4-6 shade changes in that time. This system allows even people with sensitive teeth to have the whitening they desire, as there is a procedure to prevent most of the sensitivity. Give us a call at 978-343-4031 for more information and to schedule your Zoom whitening session!

Office Amenities

Dentistry has come a long way in recent years. We have many amenities that help to make your visit more comfortable. Ask us about our music of your choice to relax you, our heated neck pillows, blankets to keep you comfortable during your visit. Along with these, we also offer coffee and tea of your choice, freshly prepared baked goods, and gourmet chocolates – all to help you relax before and during your visit! As dentistry has advanced in recent years, we have expanded our range of services as well.

Sleep Matters!

Sleep. Our body’s way of healing, repairing and renewing. How many of us don’t get the amount of sleep we need? How many of us don’t get the quality of sleep each night? How many have sleep issues- Snoring? Restless Sleep? Sleep Apnea? Frequent awakening to use the bathroom? We may have your solution- A Sleep Appliance!! A sleep appliance is a device you wear over both the top and bottom teeth that helps to hold the lower jaw forward. By holding the jaw forward, your airway is allowed to stay open producing better sleep. We use an appliance called MicrO2. Our appliance is a physiologic based appliance. We use your muscles as the guide to find a relaxed position for your jaw. By doing this we are able to minimize most of the problems people experience with other sleep appliances-difficulty getting the teeth together in the morning, pain in the joints, etc. Our appliance addresses all the sleep issues with a minimal amount of problems. Give us a call for a consultation at 978-343-4031.

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