Don’t Forget Your Spring (Dental) Cleaning!

Don’t Forget Your Spring (Dental) Cleaning!

by | Mar 1, 2021

With many of us home more than we used to be, some things may have changed in your normal household routine. Maybe you’ve been keeping the house more organized so you can have a comfortable place for your home office. Maybe your house has become less organized and you’re planning a spring cleaning soon. Some people who are working from home more have changed their morning routines, too. But not always in a positive way. When you aren’t around people at work, it’s easier to forget to brush your teeth in the morning. No one is around to see your teeth or smell your breath, either! Don’t neglect your teeth and gums. See us for your spring cleaning – your dental cleaning! You’ll be saving more money and time in the long run by preventing problems now. We take extreme care to ensure you receive a thorough dental cleaning and exam in a welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment. Don’t let cavities and gum disease slowly creep into your mouth! Take a look at this retro ADA video, then call Brian C. McDowell, DDS today at 978-343-4031 to set up your appointment. You can also request your Fitchburg dental cleaning online.

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